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Planning Your Vacation to LA with Car Rental from California Auto Rental

Updated: May 10

LA is the second-largest city in the US and home to some of the most important historical and cultural sites in the nation. First-time visitors may find that there isn’t enough time to hit every destination on their list. If your vacation time is limited, make sure you make the most of every minute by following these guidelines for getting around:

Pick the Perfect Beach

Most tourists will stick with the tried and true Santa Monica Beach, but traveling a little off the beaten path gives you access to countless smaller beaches, each offering a unique experience. Driving north up the coastline you’ll find Malibu, which offers romantic beaches like Paradise Cove and surfing beaches like Zuma. Not too far from LAX you can find Manhattan Beach and its surrounding luxurious mansions, as well as Hermosa Beach, for a more laid-back vibe. All beaches in LA are free and accessible to the public.

You’ll Need a Car

LA is a sprawling 500 square miles, and public transportation is limited. If you want to visit the Hollywood Sign and MacArthur Park on the same day, you’ll need a vehicle to make it possible. The city’s grid plan makes it easy to navigate by car, and even the most densely populated downtown areas are equipped with ample parking.

Give Food Trucks a Try

If you’re trying to get a sample of the local flavor, but don’t know exactly which restaurants to target, eat your way through LA with food trucks. The modern food truck craze was born in LA, as the mild weather and eclectic cuisine, LA continues to reinvent the trend. Food trucks offer quality cuisine at affordable prices, and you can find one on almost any street corner. If there’s a specific truck your looking for, there are numerous food truck guides and tracking apps available.

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